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Grammar and Accuracy Statistics for NOVEMBER 06 – NOVEMBER 12


Not to brag, but 18 consecutive weeks of writing every day! Do you require content written with excellent grammar and accuracy? When you need a reputable writer with a proven record of accomplishment to produce top-quality articles for your blog or articles for your website that can boost traffic to your site and secure more customers, you are in the right place. It is as true as they say, “The proof is in the pudding.”

Check my portfolio: https://thewriteresults.contently.com/ and you will see the proof that I have the talent and knowledge to write on various topics and infuse it with SEO, naturally.

I am a retired US Army First Sergeant with a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland.

I will write well-researched, SEO infused articles for your website that makes use of keyword phrases and Meta Description tags that will bring the RIGHT customers to your web pages.

Grammar and Accuracy

Grammar and accuracy, although unimportant to search engine index rankings, are imperative to user experience (UX). A reader that has to try and figure out the meaning of your content because of misspellings, dangling modifiers, or split infinitives will not stay on your page long. I use Grammarly to check every piece I write; does it catch everything? No. Do I catch everything? Not all the time. However, between my journalism degree and Grammarly, you can rest assured of clean, crisp content for your website.Grammar and Accuracy

The statistics below are taken directly from my Grammarly Weekly Writing Update.

Additionally, to satisfy Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, I use synonyms of your keyword and focus words within the surrounding text, thus ensuring credit for your Page with the right information to rank on the appropriate search engine results page (SERP).

More than Grammar and Accuracy

I use proper Meta Description tags, which are a 120-160 character blurb that tells a potential customer what they will find on your site. A Meta Description tag is like a movie trailer in tweet form. This tag is the first item a potential customer will read on the SERP, which will bring the right customers to your website, who are ready to buy your product or hire you to perform a service.

The facts speak for themselves, 3.5 billion people conduct a search on Google every day, and 90 percent never scroll past the first five results on a SERP. Your Website’s landing page needs to be one of those first five. Additionally, there needs to be a definitive call to action for potential customers to answer within seconds of reaching your page.

Well-written product descriptions and quality, SEO friendly content is your best bet for a significant return on investment. Check my portfolio and I think you will agree that I have the talent and ability to provide you with quality content for whatever purpose you need to fill.

Stephen L Dalton

Founder and Owner of The Write Results, LLC

Website: www.the-write-results.info

Portfolio: https://thewriteresults.contently.com/

Email: thewriteresults@yahoo.com 

Certified US English Chicago Manual of Style Editor

Web Content Writer

Google AdWords Trained (PPC)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Specialist

Grammarly Activity Report for Week Ending 07 August 2017.


25,274 words checked ▲ 18%
You were more active
than 99% of Grammarly users.
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77 mistakes made ▲ .07%
You were more accurate (mistakes/words) than 99.5% of Grammarly users.
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3,216 unique words ▼ 1%
Your vocabulary was more dynamic (unique/total words) than 99% of Grammarly users.

The bottom line is abundantly clear, grammar and accuracy are as crucial to your bottom line in business as it is in writing clear and concise copy people will love to read. Get Grammarly for your browser and use it with your text editor to deliver top-quality copy every time.

Contact me today with your topic or title for an article or blog you want to be written for your website.

Social Media: A Boost for your Business

Social Media is a no-cost or low-cost method to establish your brand and get people to your site, “pinners” pin an average 158 images a day.

Why not let those pinners pin your products and/or services? Even when you have no money for an advertising campaign, social media can provide you with a method to reach potential customers and bring them to your site.

The main distinction between a Pinterest pin and a “like” or “share” on another social media platform is “interest”. On Facebook, when a person clicks a “Like” button, it may simply be because they like the person who posted it. Pinners normally pin items they are interested in buying, making, or trying. Many will quickly pin something so they could get more details later. Or, they may want more information so they can purchase it at a later time. Their followers may see that pin and spread the word if they are interested too, very much like sharing on Facebook.

Pinners quite often pin an item of interest. Shopify states that a pinned item of interest is repinned an average of 11 times. This can help in multiplying the number of people who see your service, product, recipe, or craft many times.

Unlike a Facebook like, a Pinterest pin is weighted by its popularity. Your pins or posts will gain strength over time. Facebook posts do the opposite, it may get many shares or likes for that day or even a couple of days, but will quickly fade. A Pinterest pin grows your visibility year in and year out, which enhances your reputation. This concept could make it necessary when developing content to use what is known as “evergreen” ads for your business. Evergreen ads are long-lasting promotions of a brand. This doesn’t mean that you should never offer that periodic special or promotion. These can live on well after the promotion, but adjustments must be made to the price when the promotion is over. This could be as simple as adding an end date for the promotion.

Fact: Products or services with a price garner more than 1/3 more pins or interest than the same item without a price.

social media


Creating Your Business Profile on Pinterest

Possibly the biggest draw for new Pinterest members is its simplicity when you create an account. First, and perhaps most importantly, when you create an account is that you check to ensure it will be a business account. Although, either a personal or business account is free, the business profile permits more adaptability than a personal profile.

To get your business profile, you just need an email.

Pinterest is mostly about images and what interests the eye. Therefore, it is imperative to keep the following in mind:

  1. A professional head and shoulders picture or the company logo is best
  2. Use a business address, even if that is your home
  3. Link your account to your business website
  4. Link your account to your other social media, such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  5. Use images of your products with descriptions

Your photo or logo is probably the first thing a potential new customer or client will see on your profile. Ensure your image or logo is eye-catching, properly sized, high quality, and professional. When you use a logo, make it professional. You can get a 3D logo or whatever format you like on Fiverr.com for as little as $5.50.

As a reminder, your profile is the same as an interview or business introduction; “put your best foot forward,” and make a good impression. This is your chance at building customer trust, so show proof that you are real and not a computer “bot” or rogue software. Online, all a potential customer or client has to go on is your online reputation, so take every opportunity to show yourself and your brand.

Keep it Simple

Keep your Pinterest name simple and accurate. A profile name that is easy to remember will mean more return customers. An example of a good profile name, other than your legitimate business name, is if you sell jewelry, include jewelry in your Pinterest name. Something like “JJ Jewelry” is great because there is a character limit of 15, so you must be creative. Like mine, The Write Results is 17 characters counting spaces, so TheWriteResults is exactly 15.

Next, prepare your profile description. Preparation of the short description should include the use of Keyword Research. Keyword research allows for long-tail keywords, which is much more appropriate now with big corporations and big brands dominating the search engine results pages (SERP). These can be the keyword or keyword phrases used on your website already. This will assist in showing the relevance of backlinks to your website to search engines when they index your site.

Creating “Pinteresting” Boards

Choosing your boards or interest areas should include areas close to the subject of your business. It is not always necessary to have your boards match your business. When you use only boards close to your business, you may miss out on interest areas others are looking at currently. Those are referred to by marketing analysts as “rich pins.”  The concept of “Rich pins” includes recipes, movies, products, articles, and places. Vincent Ng, a self-proclaimed Pinterest Marketer, wrote in, Pinterest Marketing Tips from a guy that’s been Doing it for 5 Years:

Rich pins for a blogger is a must, because rich pins are a factor in search rankings for Pinterest. Pinterest prefers to show blog posts or pins that are rich pins,” says Ng. “On top of that, rich pins also have more credibility and authority because rich pins for articles show off, in bold text, the title of the blog post article and the Meta description when clicked through.

Fact: Of social media sites, Pinterest is second only to Facebook in driving traffic to business websites.

Free Search Engine Submission

Rich Pins

Ensure that rich pins are enabled on your business website. This is difficult and time-consuming, therefore you can contact me for assistance or watch this YouTube video tutorial by Shanndelier. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKXdJJi4xjg After we are finished setting up your Business page on Pinterest we will pin a few of your quality images. This will take your content along with it to the pinned page. So, send a proposal or request today. Please reference Pinterest in your proposal or support ticket.

Many bloggers pin boards of popular search topics. These are often related to their business, such as Food and Drink, D-I-Y, Home Décor, Weddings, Design, or Women’s fashion.

Act-on.com’s Pam Neely states that business boards that grab more attention include boards featuring:

  1. products/services
  2. blog posts
  3. email newsletters
  4. webinars
  5. white papers
  6. Videos, particularly “How to”
  7. inspirational quotes
  8. events
  9. portfolio items
  10. Infographics

Actually, she advises 17 “smart ways” for businesses to create boards.

The use of a Pin-it button for your site is essential, so people can add pins to items they like. These pins will be tracked back to your site. Many people pin those things they are interested in so that they can get additional information on those or purchase the item later. Their pins will be seen by those that follow them, which helps spread the word exponentially for you, which is similar to a share on Facebook.

Track it Back!

Many pinners will pin pictures on their phone to their boards. Whereas doing this is fine for their personal account, the process does not apply well to business accounts. The ease of uploading photos and images from anywhere is great. But, when those images are not tracked back to your site, it is simply another cute image. You want your pins to take a potential client to your content. Once a client is there they can accept a request for registration or make a purchase on your site.

Be careful when moving or redirecting pages. When redirecting traffic or moving a web page you can lose traffic. To change a link is easy; however, you cannot redirect links or repin boards on another person’s social media site.

Tracking your Pins and Traffic

Like any social media platform you use for business, you need to know how well it works for you. This will determine the amount of effort or dollars you put into that ad campaign. Pinterest added Google Analytics to its dashboard to make it easier for users to check how many repins or views a target receives. This will give you an idea how certain keywords are working for you, and the amount of traffic is being directed to your website.

Take a look at an alphabetized list of business success stories at:

https://business.pinterest.com/en/success-stories. Seeing what others are having success with could help point you in the right direction.

Pinterest can be a valuable asset to any business, like any social media. Good marketing is all about exposure and Pinterest is number two of the top social media sites for exposure. By linking other social media sites and websites to the business profile, Pinterest could become an important resource for your business.

A Point Worth Noting!

Although the Pinterest Help Center provides many instructions for business owners, many may not have the time to commit to a marketing campaign on Pinterest. It might be advisable to pay a professional to assist in setting up, at least initially. This might sound costly, but you will be pleasantly surprised when you utilize The Write Results to set up and organize your Social Media links and establish a marketing strategy for your small business.


Web Content Writing

Web Content Writing

Web Content Writing: How to Avoid SEO’s “Seven Deadly Sins” while Writing Articles for your Website

The road to web content writing of rich SEO infused articles and blogs for your website is not always straight. At times, this can be confusing, follow these tips to better results while writing content for your website.

The First Deadly Sin of SEO: Exclusive use of Pay-Per-Click (PPC).

“Organic vs Paid Search Results: Organic (Free) wins 94% of the time.” – Search Engine Watch

Many small business owners are enamored with Google’s AdWords. AdWords allows them to directly target those interested in their product or service. It makes sense to use advertising that is initially free and you only pay when it is used. However, the wise business owner uses a balanced strategy. This strategy should include both PPC and organic search results to get their business noticed.

When you use a marketing strategy that places too much faith in a system that gets results only six percent of the time, you are losing out on a very large audience of prospective customers.

Web content writing for Hummingbird Algorithm

Best Seafood Place Near Me Hummingbird Algorithm Illustration

To make the most of your advertising, utilize rich web content writing on topics that promote your business. Use relevant keywords or phrases, focus keywords, synonyms, and surrounding text to prove your site is selling what the searcher needs. Google’s Hummingbird algorithm uses all those factors to determine where your page belongs on search engine results.

Consider the article written by Hardik Sondagar for Quora, How does the Hummingbird algorithm work? His illustration was one of the best I have read.

Notice how the algorithm correctly surmises the searcher is looking for a seafood restaurant in the first two search results? However, it incorrectly surmised that “me” is the state abbreviation for Maine. That is how comprehensive the algorithm is, your writing should match that level of clarity.

The Second Deadly Sin of SEO: Incorrect configuration of the Content Management System (CMS) or Improper Maintenance of a website.

WordPress celebrated 10 years of existence in 2014. WordPress is the most widely used open source (free) CMS on the planet with nearly 60 million users. However, if WordPress or any website is not configured and maintained properly it will slow down. Non-optimized images, videos directly uploaded to your site, and conflicting plugins will cause a site to open slowly. Optimize all images using JPEG Mini, Puny Png or another image optimizer before uploading. If you have many images on your site already, use WP Smush to optimize all of those.

Avoid uploading videos directly to your site, use YouTube or Vimeo instead and embed. When you directly upload a video to your site, every time someone shares or embeds that video you become the host. This will drastically slow your load time, which you don’t want. The average searcher will wait two or three seconds before moving on to the next entry on the search engine results page (SERP).

The Third Deadly Sin of SEO: Duplicate content is not that deadly!

“It’s important to realize that if you look at content on the web, something like 25 or 30 percent of all of the web’s content is duplicate content.” – Google’s Matt Cutts

Edit, add to, and republish previous content to give yourself the “most bang for your buck”. Instead of writing new material, or hiring someone to write new content, re-use the content on your site that is still relevant.

When I regenerate web content writing I have published in the past, I read the comments to ensure I address any concerns or updates. By doing this, I can address my readers concerns with the original content. When writing for the web, we cannot possibly keep up with every update or new release regarding what we have written.

An excellent article regarding duplicate content was written by Kissmetrics, 3 Myths About Duplicate Content.

The Fourth Deadly Sin of SEO: Not utilizing Social Media to its Fullest!

“52% of small businesses use social media to promote their businesses…” Yet, “Less than 20% of small and medium-sized business websites have a link to a Facebook page and fewer have links to Twitter and LinkedIn.” – BIA/Kelsey

The notion that only a little more than half of all small businesses are using social media seems like a waste of a valuable asset. There are approximately 3 billion people using Facebook and billions more using YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, and others. Why not tap into that market to promote your business? Most of these platforms allow free advertising, while others charge less than $5.00 to boost your post to reach tens of thousands of local users. At the very least, you should have a matching Facebook Business Page linked to your website.

Utilize web content writing strategies to include more social media platforms.

The Fifth Deadly Sin of SEO: Not investing enough time or money in SEO.

“91% of US internet users search every month. 3.5 Billion Google searches are made every single day!” – PureDriven SEO & “75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results.” – Search Engine Journal

Your web content writing should be SEO infused for every article or blog on your website. When you consider the facts above, there is no better Return-on-Investment (ROI) than well-written content. You must keep a reader on your site long enough to answer your call-to-action (CTA). Actually, you should hire someone to write content for you and concentrate your efforts on the business.

Web content writing of articles and blogs that promote your business with relevant keywords and keyword phrases, along with a fully-optimized website will eventually get you into the top five of search engine results.

The Sixth Deadly Sin of SEO: Ignoring the Potential of Blogging.

“Companies that blog have 97% more inbound links.” And, “Study Shows Business Blogging Leads to 55% More Website Visitors” – Hubspot

Inbound links and site visitors are the exact reason for maintaining a website for your business. In order to get people to visit your site, you need relevant dialogue that attracts readers. Although writing a blog about your business seems like a lot of work, it is perhaps the cheapest form of advertising. If you do not have the time for web content writing with a blog, outsource it to a freelance writer.

The Seventh Deadly Sin of SEO: Not focusing on the User.

“The most active demographic group for blogging is 21-to-35-year-olds, with 53.3% of the blogging population.” – Sysomos 

This survey points to the largest group of users for blogs, the 21 to 35-year old age group. It is wise to speak to the people you believe to be the most interested in your product. If you sell adult diapers, for instance, that age group would definitely not be the right age group.

Consciously avoid the seven deadly sins and seek instead the Pearl that is SEO.

After looking at my portfolio, ask yourself is this the type of talent you need writing for your website.  Then, fill out a contact form to get a quote. Web content writing is an art that requires research, organization skills, impeccable grammar, and SEO insight. I do not develop web pages, I fill those pages with rich, SEO infused content.









3 Myths About Duplicate Content
Free Search Engine Submission

Writing and Editing Comments

Writing and EditingThe following are comments and feedback I have received from my clients for my writing and editing projects. I sincerely hope that you will add your feedback to this list.

Writing and editing comments received from John E., UK Solicitor:

Brilliant writing that needs no editing. Excellent work – the very best. Highly recommended. I depend on Stephen to write all the content for my 600 websites in the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia, except medical, which I have a retired doctor write. He has never let me down.

Comments received from NS MUKUNDAN:

Timely deliver. Great writing. He maintained the same writing standards in all the articles. He maintained good communications throughout. He was able to write on any topic. I will definitely work with him again. 

Writing and Editing

250 Page Non-Fiction Editing

Comments received from Jireh Publishing:

Stephen edited my non-fiction book, Heaven: The Popular Choice. It was a delight and a joy working with Stephen. I could sense that he really cared about the project because through his health challenge he never quit. He stayed true to the task to the end. He went beyond the call of duty and for that, I am truly grateful. I am more than pleased to offer my recommendation to anyone who needs the services he has to offer. Thank you, Stephen! May God richly bless and keep YOU! 

Comments received from New Paradigm International:

Stephen was committed to the project of editing and formatting my eBook from the very beginning. He worked quickly and effectively and delivered a product which was professional and to my specifications. He displayed excellent communication and got the job done. I am very pleased with his work. 

Free Search Engine Submission

Comments received from Jay, Ohio Sports Editor:

Outstanding. He went to work right away. Researched and found the facts before writing the articles. I was very pleased with the results. Will use again soon. 

English ESL writing and editing

Comments received from Huginn Gretarsson:

What a great job, I would recommend this freelancer for any writing and editing task. This the second children’s book that Stephen edited for proper English.

Comments received from Fitness Innovative Technologies, LLC:

Working with Stephen was great. He did excellent work and with a very fast turnaround. I will work with him again! 

Comments received from Uncharted:

Stephen edited and basically rewrote several sentences, paragraphs, and events. He took the time to ensure everything flowed properly. I highly endorse Stephen for his dedication and upbeat personality. Primarily, I was impressed with his patience, honesty, and professional demeanor. As an Army Veteran, he could relate to certain difficulties. Stephen demonstrated all of the qualities and more — I strongly recommend him for any editing and creative writing. Thanks again Stephen! 

Writing and Editing

Cristiane Abreu: SEO & Marketing Analyst

Comments received from Christiane Abreu:

Stephen did an excellent job researching, writing, and editing the articles I asked him to write. He communicated with me consistently throughout the process, asking questions for clarification when necessary. He also edited my website’s home page for grammar. Even though he had the lowest bid out of all the freelance writers that bid, he delivered what he promised, ahead of schedule, and it was more than I expected. In the future, I will use Stephen exclusively for my writing and editing needs. I would highly recommend him for any writing or editing project you need completed.

Writing and Editing

Jennifer Mariani, Project Manager at CourseVector

Comments received from Jennifer Mariani, Course Vector Operations Manager:

August 6, 2015 “Stephen’s experience is truly an asset to us and our clients. Great copy is essential for an engaging website and a strong online presence. His expertise will help our clients find their voices and further their reach online.” 



Comments received from Alan T.:

February 4, 2016 “This article is one of the best I have had the pleasure of reading. It is full of interesting facts and details that our readership is interested in. If you can continue with this type of information, I would like to have you continue to provide us with similar work throughout the year if you’re interested. Thanks again for a refreshing change & look forward to your next work.”

July 23, 2016 “Please send me an invoice for $100. I would like to give you a bonus for the work you did on that Case Study, excellent work. Thank you.

Comments received from John J.:

Thanks, Stephen!
I like how you wrote up the Customer Reviews and Scores – explaining it is a new grill with only 5 reviews then showing positive reviews with another retailer…. PERFECT!!!  Also, you gave Amazon props by saying they offer FREE shipping. Great job!! 
You will get some Grills with very little or no reviews…so that is where creativity and good writing comes in. : ) – John J.


  • 300 word Content Curation; or
  • 4 Product Descriptions 100-150 word each; or
  • Article or Blog 300-450 word; or
  • Press Release; or
  • 10 Product Descriptions 100-150 word each; or
  • (2) Articles or Blogs up to 600 words or (1) up to 1000 words blog; or
  • *Website Edit with 2 blog spots; or
  • Novella edit up 50,000 words; or
  • (5) Articles or blogs spun for reposting.
  • *Website Edit with 3 blog spots
  • Novel/Novella edit up 100,000 words; or
  • (8) Articles or blogs spun for reposting.