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Bidding & Pitching: What’s the Difference?

Novice freelance writers and even some who have worked solely for private clients don’t understand the difference between bidding & pitching. Prospecting Is an Art Prospecting for high-paying writing projects could be equated to panning for gold. Here are a few nuggets of advice.  Many w...
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Web Content Writing

Web Content Writing Web Content Writing: How to Avoid SEO’s “Seven Deadly Sins” while Writing Articles for your Website The road to web content writing of rich SEO infused articles and blogs for your website is not always straight. At times, this can be confusing, follow these tips to better...
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Writing and Editing Comments

The following are comments and feedback I have received from my clients for my writing and editing projects. I sincerely hope that you will add your feedback to this list. Writing and editing comments received from John E., UK Solicitor: Brilliant writing that needs no editing. Excellent work &#821...
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