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Bidding & Pitching: What’s the Difference?

Novice freelance writers and even some who have worked solely for private clients don’t understand the difference between bidding & pitching. Prospecting Is an Art Prospecting for high-paying writing projects could be equated to panning for gold. Here are a few nuggets of advice.  Many w...
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Dollars stacked on top of each other

Make Money Online without Startup Money

Make money online with little or no start-up cash, if you make crafts or resell items, review products, write or edit, use social media, or provide a service. Just because you don’t have the money to start a business, does not mean you cannot make money online without start-up money. Don’t fall ...
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Hootsuite for Website Content Writers

So, you’re a website content writer who shares information with readers once or twice a week in the form of articles or a blog spot. A website content writer’s publishing options are going to change based on their personal needs, but there is nothing better than being able to publish from an...
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