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Stephen L. Dalton is a freelance writer and editor of articles, blogs, short stories, eBooks, and novels. Stephen has a degree in journalism from the University of Maryland and is currently pursuing another degree in Information Technology.

He is a certified U.S. English Chicago Style Editor.

Stephen is a retired US Army First Sergeant; in his 28 years in the military, he traveled to 18 countries and 38 of the United States. Therefore, if you need tour and travel related content, send a proposal and let’s talk.

Have you just recently started your website or are developing a website for your business, you need rich content to bring readers to your site. A powerful About Us Page that establishes a basic trust between you and potential clients is necessary.

Your Home Page must immediately convert the page visitors to registered guests. Has your site been on the web for a while but you are not achieving good sales number or your bounce rate is high?

When you have a high bounce rate or you do not achieve many sales, it usually means the content on your page is not interesting enough to convert visitors to registered clients.

When you have a good service or product you believe people need, but your sales are low, then perhaps your content is not up to par. Your About Us page must give your visitors a basis of trust to convert them to potential clients.

Your About Us, Home, Privacy Policy, or Terms of Service Pages should convey a message to your visitors that you are a business, a trusted member of the community, and that you can be depending on to deliver what you are advertising.

When you conduct an online business, your website is the only means you have of relaying to your visitors a feeling of Trust.

I will write a 300-500 word, SEO infused page for your website. In order to satisfy search engine algorithms, 300 words is the minimum for a web page.

The main objective should be to establish a trusting relationship with your visitors to translate their visit to a registration for further contact or a purchase.

If you already have a website, I can take information from your site to write original content for whichever pages you need revised.

If your web site does not have a lot of information or you do not have a website yet, I will need you to provide that information for me, simply answer the questions below and copy/paste those into my contact form.

What makes your business special? What sets you apart? This is a very important question and I really need a solid answer. Answer:

Tell me about your product or service:

Tell me about yourself/partner/family:

Tell me about the business/company the background, when was it started? what were some of the inspirations that made you decide to do this business?

What are some of the awards or safety standards achieved? Brag about your product or service:

Upcoming events/promotions/sales etc.

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To hire Stephen to edit your website, write a blog, or provide content, complete a contact form and select a package.

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