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Freelance writer of Articles & Blogs

Chicago Manual of Style Editor of eBooks, Novels, and Novellas

Website Editor

My Rate for Researching and Writing Articles:

I charge $.06 per word for blog posts, news related articles, and SEO content, which works out to $30.00 for a 500-word article. That’s a lot less than what a majority of freelance writers are charging. Online magazines are paying $100-$150 per article and some as much as $1000.

I prefer to write and edit using a flat rate; hourly wages inhibit my ability to truly craft my work. I am very thorough and may read through my work four or five times before going final. Especially editing, I read through the project thoroughly before I even start editing to familiarize myself with the story and its characters.

  • 300 word Content Curation; or
  • 4 Product Descriptions 100-150 word each; or
  • Article or Blog 300-450 word; or
  • Press Release; or
  • 10 Product Descriptions 100-150 word each; or
  • (2) Articles or Blogs up to 600 words or (1) up to 1000 words blog; or
  • *Website Edit with 2 blog spots; or
  • Novella edit up 50,000 words; or
  • (5) Articles or blogs spun for reposting.
  • *Website Edit with 3 blog spots
  • Novel/Novella edit up 100,000 words; or
  • (8) Articles or blogs spun for reposting.

My Rate for Rewriting or Spinning Articles or publications you own:

To rewrite or spin an article or document you own, I charge $15.00 for articles less than 1000 words and add another $5.00 for each 1000 words. After completion, I will use www.copyscape.com to ensure none of the text matches other published articles. Take for example you own 10 websites where you have the same products or services, and you want the content to be unique for each website to meet the Search Engine index algorithms. I can spin your articles 10 times so that you have original articles on each site.

I do not use software to do this; I use my eyes & Thesaurus on every project. In the case where I am spinning several articles, we can negotiate the price depending on how many you need.

Choose a package close to what you need.

My Rate for Proofreading, Format Checking, and Editing: I charge a flat rate of $1.00 per page to edit eBooks, novels, and novellas. If you have a manuscript in Word, I can change it to an Adobe .pdf file, ready for publication, when you say it is ready. That one dollar per page price includes as many revisions as it takes to get your book exactly the way you want it.

I will check the spelling and grammar, proper word usage, and punctuation. In addition, check for style and voice consistency, tense agreement, syntax, good flow, and clarity, if needed; advise on format and organization; use MS Word's Track Changes tool. In summary, I will iron out any creases that may remain in your book, so that the book will be error free and ready for publication. All prices are negotiable, so send me a proposal today.