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Chicago Manual of Style Editor of eBooks, Novels, and Novellas & proofreading services
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Quality Content Writer

Quality Content Writer for your Website

If you need a reputable writer with a proven record of accomplishment to produce top quality content for your blog or articles for your website that can boost traffic to your site and secure more customers, you are in the right place. It’s like they say, “The proof is in the pudding.” Check my portfolio: and you will see the proof that I have the talent and knowledge to write on various topic and infuse it with SEO, naturally.

I will write well researched, SEO infused, quality content for your website that makes use of keyword phrases and Meta Description tags that will bring the RIGHT customers to your web pages.

SEO is not just stacking an article full of keywords, but using the right keywords, in the right place, that brings the right customers to your website.  Additionally, in order to satisfy Google’s Hummingbird algorithm, I use synonyms of the key word and focus words within the surrounding text to ensure credit for your Page with the right information to rank on the appropriate search engine results page (SERP).

Use Meta Description Tags for Quality Content

I use proper Meta Description Tags, which are 120-156 character blurbs that tell a potential customer what they will find on your site. A Meta Description tag is like a movie trailer in tweet form. This is the first item a potential customer will read on the SERP, which will bring the right customers to your website, who are ready to buy your product or hire you to perform a service.

The facts speak for themselves, 3.5 billion people conduct a search on Google every day and 90 percent never scroll past the first five results on a SERP. Your Website’s landing page needs to be one of those first five. Additionally, there needs to be a definitive call to action (CTA) for potential customers to answer within seconds of reaching your page. Whether your CTA is a purchase or a newsletter subscription, quality content will keep them on the page long enough to make a choice and build your SEO.

Well-written product descriptions and quality content that is SEO friendly is your best bet for a significant return on investment. Check my portfolio and I think you will agree that I have the talent and ability to provide you with quality content for whatever purpose you need to fill.

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    The road to web content writing of rich SEO infused articles and blogs for your website is not always straight and can at times be confusing, follow these tips to better results while writing content for your website.

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    2. Accepting rejection without taking it personally
    3. Spellchecking and proofreading
    4. Enjoying what you do

    There are a lot of web-based magazines and blog sites that pay very well for writing articles for the web. Although most do not pay very well, content mills such as,,, Elance and oDesk, ...

  • 300 word Content Curation; or
  • 4 Product Descriptions 100-150 word each; or
  • Article or Blog 300-450 word; or
  • News or Sports Article 300-450 words.
  • News or Sports Article 300-450 words.
  • Press Release; or
  • 10 Product Descriptions 100-150 word each; or
  • (2) Articles or Blogs up to 600 words or (1) up to 1000 words blog; or
  • News or Sports Article up to 1000 words.
  • *Website Edit with 2 blog spots; or
  • Infographic with 7-10 points; or
  • Novella edit up 50,000 words with review or back cover synopsis; or
  • (5) Articles or blogs you own spun for reposting on another website to avoid duplicate content. (ESL special edit)
  • *Website Edit with 3 blog spots and Logo design or redesign; or
  • Infographic with up to 20 points; or
  • Novel/Novella edit up 100,000 words; or
  • (8) Articles or blogs you own spun for reposting on another website to avoid duplicate content.